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To provide holistic, innovative, flexible and value-driven training solutions to individuals who want to sharpen their teaching skills and expand their career potential.

Highly Qualified & Professional

ACTA-Certified Trainer Yeo Hwee Cheng

  • Early Childhood Education (various topics)
  • Early Childhood Leadership
  • Communication

Hwee Cheng has M.Sc. in Early Childhood Education from Boston University and a B.Sc. from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Chemistry. She is also trained in Early Childhood Education and Leadership from SEED Institute and was awarded the Bronze medal for her outstanding academic performance in 2011. Hwee Cheng is also trained in the Montessori Methodology.

After graduating from NUS, Hwee Cheng spent 16 years in the cruise and leisure industry in the areas of regional marketing and operations. These were the infancy years for cruising in Singapore and Hwee Cheng worked hard to market and popularise cruising to Singapore and the region. Part of her responsibilities was to train travel agents in the region to market and sell an array of cruise products.

Hwee Cheng joined Halifax Montessori Childcare in 2008 as their Director of Communication and oversaw the school’s corporate communication and organisation of school events. She was the centre’s Vice Principal from 2016 to 2017 and was responsible for the centre’s in-house teacher training and building staff team dynamics. The teachers benefitted from her unconventional way of training and team-building activities. She was also involved in The International Montessori School of Vietnam in communication and event organisation before joining Halifax Montessori.

Now, Hwee Cheng is involved in a variety of training and facilitation roles such as KidStart Group Facilitator, Mentor to teachers using the Abecedarian Approach, Adjunct Lecturer and Practicum Supervisor at NIEC and Associate Trainer at Seed Institute’s The Parent College. She has also created and delivered her own series of Early Childhood Educational and Leadership workshops under Constructive Minds Pte Ltd for the continuous professional development of early childhood professionals. Her workshops are interactive and interesting, providing learners with ideas and skills, which could be applied in the classroom immediately. Adding to her list of workshops is sharing with grandparents at the Silver Academy on how to effectively engage grandchildren.

Hwee Cheng is very passionate about training because she believes that helping teachers and carers improve their skills will have a great impact on early childhood education. She hopes to inspire her learners to hone their skills and elevate the standard of teaching, for the betterment of the future generation.

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